Our Story

It all began in the 1960’s when Arnold Palmer was often spotted in Cameron Park. A boys golf academy bearing his name opened in 1970 on the site of the current Goldorado (Bel Air) shopping center, with promises of widespread publicity for Cameron Park and a positive economic impact on the entire county.

The academy included a two-story 24,000 square foot dormitory called the Palmer House, with a separate 2,400 sq. foot administration building & clubhouse on the opposite side of the new & appropriately named, Palmer Drive.

The clubhouse lived on as the popular watering hole and steak and seafood restaurant “Blackwell’s” for many years, then later as “Hemalayas,” the unusually spelled Indian restaurant.
The building’s colorful past also includes “Mr. T’s Restaurant and Disco,” opened in 1979, featuring the “most modern sound and light equipment available,” according to the Mountain Democrat. Can you dig it?
The former clubhouse building, in it’s current reincarnation, is now known as
Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant and Bar



our values

Our Guding Values

  1. Exceptional Service
    We believe in providing exceptional service. Our goal is to provide unique and genuine personal care and attention that our customers tell stories about long after their visit
  2. Good Isn’t Enough
    We believe that good enough isn’t. We never stop trying to do it better, no matter how good we are. We constantly strive to “raise the bar” even if we feel we are the best around.
  3. Honesty & Trust
    We believe in honesty and trust. We work to build trust with others in each and every transaction and interaction. We recognize that honesty and trust form the bond that holds organizations and relationships together.
  4. Teamwork
    We believe our continued success depends on teamwork. We know that great achievements are only possible from helping and respecting each other. We believe that although everyone has a job description, there is no such thing as “that’s not my job.”
    Cross training will be utilized as much as possible because every position is important for success – there are no unimportant jobs, and no job is easier than another; all have their unique challenges.
  5. Order
    We believe in doing business in a professional and orderly manner. We take great pride in having good systems, standardized procedures, and in being organized.
  6. Responsibility
    We believe in being responsible to others and to ourselves. We do what we say we are going to do and we do it when we say we are going to do it. We believe in personal accountability and avoid blaming others when things don’t turn out as planned. Own it, good or bad, and learn from mistakes—that is the path to improvement!
Call us anytime at (530) 672-1403
or visit us in person at
3420 Palmer Drive Cameron Park Ca 95682

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